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ON the Radar: Charlotte Glass

“Using dreamy synth keys and a doo-wop intro/outro, “You’ve Got a Way” presents a relatable situation, a dark theme wrapped in soothing vocals and a soft attack. The refrain sounds complementary as Glass croons to her lover, “You’ve got a way, a way about you, I can’t describe it,” but as the song progresses, there is a feeling that this spell is masking a more bitter dissatisfaction, a self-aware understanding that, while passion may prevail, sometimes it is at the expense of limits we thought we would not cross.”


Unheard Gems | Sinlge Review

Charlotte has created a unique and experimental vibe in “You’ve Got a Way: that, for the lack of better wording, is alternative and very mellow indie. The lyrical structure is strong and the bridge and alternate chorus are quite an enchanting treat.